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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  October 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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tonight - an amber alert issued for a missing 15 month old boy
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from 60th and good hope where the boy was last seen. thanks to an alert citizen little taratino carter is safe and sound tonight. he was taken from this gas station here at 60th and good hope road just before 6 this evening. police tell us the mother left her car running and went inside the gas station. that's when the suspect jumped in her car. the young boy was inside when he took off in it. police say a citizn the amber alert and notified police. th e young boy was found safe and sound inside the vehicle. we were here when family members learned the boy was safe. my heart goes out to milwaukee police a lot of gratitude it could have ended a
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couldnt wait to hold little tarantino in her arms. police say they have not located the suspects at this point but have some leads. mary thanks brit now to our big story - three women are dead... an uber driver is recovering in the hospital... and polic caused this deadly crash... ran from the scene. fox6s bret lemoine is live near 2-nd and clybourn with new details. milwaukee police say the crash that happened here early this morning is still being investigated. so far... no one is in custody. milwaukee police sifting through the debris left behind during
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say it happened at around 2-45 sunday near 2- nd and clybourn. nat the wreckage remained at the intersection for hours... as crews try to piece together what happened. police say a lexus was traveling southbound on 2-nd street when it apparently blew through a red light. investigators believe the lexus struck this ford... which was westbound on clybourn. three people from inside the ford, which was being used as an uber vehicle, died. the impact was so strong... it knocked down a fire hydrant. police say the 41-year old uber driver is recovering at a - women from illinois, ages 30 and 32 - died at the scene. a third occupant died at the hospital. police say that female victim has not been identified yet. as for the lexus... police say two men ran from the vehicle after the impact. as both cars are towed from the scene... investigators tell fox6 there are currently no reports that the lexus was stolen. an uber spokeswoman could not tell us the condition of their
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'we are devastated to hear of this tragic accident and extend our deepest thoughts to all those grieving for the loss of their loved ones.' uber is also telling us tonight that the company is helping police in their investigation... and they hope the two men in that striking car... come forward. reporting live downtown, bl, fox6 news. milwaukee police are investigating an afternoon shooting near 28th and fond du lac. the call came in around 1-30. investigators are on the scene working to determine what led up to the shooting. if you have any info
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investigating a homicide near 38th and vienna. we're told a man in his 20's was shot inside a home just before one this morning. after being shot -- he ran away.... and ended up collapsing at the intersection of 35th and vienna. that's where he died. it's still unclear what led up to the shooting. new at 9:00 hope and healing. it's why friends and family members gather at the place where their loved one was shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer. earlier today, fox 6's brittany shannon spoke with the family of jay anderson... one year old jaelyn, will only "my daughter just talking about him 24/7. kissing his picture calling his name 15:00 " this is how young jaelyn and the family of jay anderson remembers him....with the place he was shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer exactly four months ago. "2...3...justice for jay" back in june, wauwatosa police said
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he fired at anderson... believing he was reaching for a gun. "every 23rd of every month we let him know we still here and still fighting" fighting for answers in anderson's death after learning the cop that killed him was involved in another shooting-related death in 2015. "we want the truth to come out and we want to tell jay hey we got justice" they believe they'll get justice. especially after learning of the charges against several other officers recently. "the cases are not relate and we just hope jay get justice thats all we want as a family is for jay to have justice" "it gives me a lot of hope. it gives me a lot of hope and hopefully thats going to be him one day soon. getting charged" for now, the family will continue to gather here. with balloons...and hope. family members were able to
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shooting but they say they want more. they plan to hold more events this week to remember jay and push for answers. partly cloudy tonight as the wind shifts around to the northwest with a passing cold front. temperatures will fall into the 50s. partly cloudy overnight with lows in the low-to-mid 40s. mostly sunny and cooler on monday with a high in the middle 50s. especially wednesday, where we could pick up over 0.50" to 1.00" of rain. chilly highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 43 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 54 wind: n 5-10 mph tuesday:
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high: 52 wind: e 5-10 mph check the radar anytime - right from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. you decide coverage now - senator ron johnson blasts his opponent, russ that's some of the toughest talk we've seen in this u-s senate rematch. political reporter theo keith was in waukesha with the johnson campaign tonight. nats -- walker and johnson walkup to cheers sunday in waukesha, senator ron johnson unleashed his toughest criticism of russ feingold yet. the difference between me and senator feingold — other than hes a complete phony and im actually genuine clapping in front of about 100 republicans
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lied! hes trying to bamboozle people into believing hes something different than he really is! walker made four stops with johnson sunday. johnson has tightened the race, but has never led a marquette law school poll and remains one of the most likely republican senators to lose. so i asked, did he wait too long to step up the attacks? this has been my opportunity but me. johnson says feingold has done that in large part because of his political action committee, which johnson says has run a "shadow campaign" for feingold. feingold, campaigning in milwaukee this weekend, brushed off the criticism. let me just say i respect senator johnson and his office, and im going to continue to talk about the issues and not get involved in that sort of thing feingold also denied that walker's appearance on the campaign trail would make a difference. i think
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on who stands with the working and middle income families in this state, and who stands with the big corporations. walker continues to say that johnson's race is the one that's most important to him. the governor has not campaigned with republican presidential candidate donald trump the last two times he's been in wisconsin. but he says he's not writing off trump's chances here. ted. in the race for president - the head of the republican party says all republicans should support nominee donald trump. national committee chairman reince priebus says he expects trump will win the election. he's pushing back on criticismf the election's results. priebus says trump is referring to narrow scenarios in which only a few hundred votes separate the candidates. trump campaigned in several states this weekend. hillary clinton makes a campaign stop in raleigh, north carolina. she addressed a crowd at st. augustine's university - urging them to vote early.. later this week, she will campaign with first lady michelle obama. and chelsea clinton coming back to wisconsin on tuesday to campaign
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point, and madison. clinton will urge wisconsinites to early vote. for more from both campaigns leading up to election day on november 8th -- head to our website, fox six now dot com and click the politics tab. they were both looking for love--and they found each other. and then, that love was tested. a health scare threated to tear them apart. the sacrifice one made for the other is truly remarkable. sherman park is home to dozen those congregations came out today to clean the neighborhood. they also have a message from trouble makers: we're not leaving. and he's a local college football coach who doesn't put all the much emphasis on tacking and passing. what he really wants his players to excel at--when we go beyond the game.
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if you've ever moved to a city where you didn't know anyone at all - you'll understand how the two people you're about to meet felt. they moved to milwaukee for work... wanted to make fr they did. but they never imagined how they'd find each other and what .... they now share. like most couples - lynne and frank say their relationship involves a lot of give and take nats of them cooking together most nights look like this - a hectic rush home from work. dinner. soccer, piano lessons
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they managed to find a little quiet time on the couch - cat included - to discuss how their first conversation began 12 years ago with the click of a mouse... nats more of a nat pop thank a sound bite of her saying: it seemed worth having coffee with him in a place you may not expect to find 2 people with their phds.... match dot com! lots of laughter he was the first person i connected with on match dot com he loved things outdoors the match was magical. they got married. started planning their future... but just two years after their wedding their focus was on franks health. he started ben problems. no pain, he said...but doctors knew something wasnt right. you dont really feel anything, but i had high blood pressure. a slow decline. that decline caused frank to go into kidney failure. he needed a transplant- but it would take time. if you dont get a living donor, for a deceased donor the waiting list is pretty long. its about 6 years. me: 6 years for the waiting list? that is unless you find it yourself...and in that
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exactly what lynne set out to do - find a donor - and fast! she even attened classes with one thing in mind... im going to be his pr person on this and ill start looking for someone to donate for him. earlier this year....things got worse. frank started dialysis - a time consuming, sometimes painful procedure that filters blood to 3 hours a day, 3 times a day, an hour at a time. i saw how challenging that was...and thinking about 4, 5, 6 or 7 more years and how hard that was for him the thought of that made lynne change her direction i really shouldnt ask anyone else- until i think about myself. so i started getting tested. could they be another kind of match? t he couple says the odds ....were slim. and
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for example, siblings only have a 25 percent chance of being an 'exact match'. still, lynne decided to put herself through the tests. each one, was i jumped through that hoop and i passed that test and i cant be more surprised! im like really?! another surprise - theyre the same blood type! i didnt even think about the possibility my spouse would be my donor. still, question was...could they really take their 'match' to the next answer it all! they call you up and they say 'youre a match!' wait a second a match, like match dot com, it just occurred to me. we kind of made it a joke, cuz to get through this i kinda needed a sense of humor. in july of this year - the couple headed into surgery at froedert hospital for the life saving kidney transplant. lynnes doctor - mike zimmerman invited us in the operating room
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us just how the surgery works.... bite: the first thing we will do is inspect the kidney on the back table bite: suppose to be there, in the right the dissection work at the same time. once were happy with the patient, will put it in the patient. i ask: how do you know exactly where to put that thing? thats a great question! it depends on the kidney, how long the vessels are. what shape the artery or the vein is in. some people with advanced renal failure, may have cardiovascular disease, theres only one p can put it. or they may have no evidence of cardiovascular disease so you have multiple areas to choose from. depending on the patients body, its gonna dictate to you. there may be only one place it can go. and you gotta make it work. and work, it did, for this 'power' couple... the kidney seems really happy- it started working as soon as
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first time again tells me how much better i look. its the gift that keeps on giving...something lynne playfully reminded her husband of just before their wedding anniversary this year. i told him the week before - ive got your present. thats all im giving you for the anniversary .... end on average - every 14 minutes someone is added to the kidney transplant list...13 people die each day while waiting...this according to the national kidney foundation. doctors stress the importance of organ donation - it's a simple process of signing a donor card or a driver's license. the last thing you'd expect to
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decimated by a hurricane. but two haitian priests--in our area today--talk about the hope that came with the heartache of disaster. how you can help them smile more. and they just wanted to see a beautiful part of the country but tonight they're
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california--what went wrong during a weekend outing. darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet:
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break break partly cloudy tonight as the wind shifts around to the northwest with a will fall into the 50s. partly cloudy overnight with lows in the low-to-mid 40s. mostly sunny and cooler on monday with a high in the middle 50s. rain chances return tuesday and especially wednesday, where we could pick up over 0.50" to 1.00" of rain. chilly highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. tonight: partly cloudy.
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cooler. high: 54 wind: n 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with a chance for showers. am low: 37 high: 52 wind: e 5-10 mph wind: e 5-10 mph a sign of hope for the sherman park neighborhood. how tackling trash is bringing the community together. a local head college football coach is a hero in the eyes of his players, --not for what he's done in football. but for the way he's faced the greatest adversity in his life. that's coming up in beyond the game.
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sherman park neighborhood say "it's just the beginning." our jonathon gregg show's us, a collaboration of more than a dozen groups aim to unify the "tri-block" area. take a few steps... forward and pick up some trash. "we're not going anywhere and we do." walk a few more steps "we've got a lot of broken glass, that's for sure." and do it again. "we did get quite a bit of work done. we've got piles of trash all over the place." reverend dan czaplewski say's you'd be surprised how much you can accomplish. "every little bit helps, however, "every litter-bit" he's not surprised by how many people turned out for "make a difference day" in the sherman park neighborhood. "there are a lot of good people in this neighborhood . and there are a lot of good people who want it to be even better." people like dennis thekan and kiersten caine. "so this is a great way on a beautiful sunday to be able to be out in
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garbage for some people and really be christ like." and people like lacy hoffmann. "it's also a teaching opportunity for my daughter to give back to those around us." more than one hundred volunteers felt the same way, picking up sidewalk and alleys between 51st and 6oth from locust to center street. "well, i've got a bag full of garbage. an area of the city still carrying a burden from a few nights of rioting last august. but reverend czaplews "but you've got to know mt. calvary has been here 90 years. bethel bethany almost 100 years, st. catherine almost one-hundred. we're not leaving. " with a strong foundation, any community can overcome-- take a few steps, pick up some trash, "we're going to keep doing that." and make your home better than ever. we love this neighborhood too much. "in milwaukee, jonathon gregg fox6 news." menomonee falls fire department called to a 36 unit apartment complex late this morning on white oak circle. 6 units were affected by fire. but due to water damage,
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night. the red cross is helping them out.. now word yet on what started the fire - of the extent of damage. milwaukee police are searching for two critical missing men -- and they're asking for your help in finding them. the first is 65-year-old "randoris curry." curry was last seen yesterday around 11-30 in the morning near the intersection of holton and burleigh. police tell us curry suffers from dementia and has a hard time walking. he was last seen wearing a bright orange jacket, jeans and a black baseball police are also looking for 83- year-old "clifford pickens." pickens was last seen yesterday around two o'clock in the afternoon in the area of 17th and olive -- that's right by rufus king high school. he had walked away from a family member's house in the area. pickens suffers from dementia and p-t-s-d. he was last seen wearing a long sleeved yellow plaid shirt, jeans and adidas multicolor tennis shoes. anyone with information about either of these men should get
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football and tackling--all things that won't serve you for a rest of your life those words seems strange-coming from a college head football coach. but as tom pipines found out, the man you're about to meet goes way beyond the game. 15:34:48 coach miller, i have chats with him all the time, about life, like not me and coach miller talk about my career aspirations all the time. 15:29:39 15:29:45 i can bring him any personal problem and he has a lot of insight. 15:29:49
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that i call him a friend, a dear friend. 15:42:02 if i had a son, daughter, any relation that could ever play for dennis in any capacity, they would be blessed 15:42:08 dr. dennis miller is the head football coach at wisconsin lutheran college. 15:12:22 it's just a dream job; because we're at a great christian school and there aren't many of those left. it's got high academics, and we're really able to attract high quality kids that want to play this brand of football and it's really fun 15:12:37 he's also a husband, father, friend, and mentor; above all else, coach miller is a man of faith. 15:13:58 this is my ministry. my ability to work with kids and lp lead thin their faith. 15:14a mpetitor. he was on staff with former packers coach mike holmgren and aching icon lavell edwardswhen brigham young won the national championship in 1984. ller had over ad coach at northern unirty before starting up divisn therann thousand. 15:12:01 quit harder than i thought it was going to be. starting from ground zero with not a player on the football team. to get the name out and get people to know about it. it took us about 5 years to build this stadium. so we were kind of playing all over the place. 15:12:18 last july, dennis
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cancer. treatments have sapped his physical strength at times, but not his faith. coach miller says the adversity in some ways has been uplifting-as it was 9 years ago, when he underwent open heart surgery. 15:18:17 i look back on the recovery during that time as the most peaceful time i've ever had in my life; because it just made me see, even though i thought i was doing things the right way. it made me see what were the priorities? what's the most important thing? where should you put your energies? i think that's what this has done for me as well. 15:18:39 15:30:32 it's a very good message for the season and for life. yea, you were dished out some major adversity, but it really depends on how you respond to well, like coach miller did, and like we're going to try to continue here for the rest of the season, there will be a successful outcome 15:30:49 he's battling cancer and he's out here everyday putting in the hours with us. it's really inspirational. it's just crazy to think about how he doesn't let anything really
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guys that care; coaches that care. plus it keeps your mind occupied with all kinds of different things that are going on the support that i've gotten from all of them has been outstanding in fact i was in the hospital on my birthday, but i got a great shout out from the players via huddle; so i felt pretty good about that. 15:17:16 15:19:16 it's a pretty dark if you are confident that the lord's got it figured out, then you just roll with it. dennis miller says that his chances for a full recovery are good. which is good news for everyone who loves the man at wisconsin lutheran college university and well as the warriors football program. 15:19:50 lord willing, i don't see an end in sight right nw, i mean, this is a
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wisconsin highway.. take a look - it's called brake checking .. why this aggressive behavior could be deadly.. ... like two thieves in the night - the local coyote attack.. and the unsuspecting victim.. we have a cool down on the way to start out the work week before rain chances return. i'll have your fox6
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a video taken on a wisconsin highway shows a driver engaging in dangerous behavior. it's called a "brake check" and it can trigger deadly accidents. michelle clemens has the story. the video was posted on facebook and received plenty of
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at fox valley technical college to get his reaction. john mueller, driving instructor "oh my gosh. that's life and death right there.mueller said many people don't think about how dangerous pulling in front of a truck is. john mueller, driving instructor "you've really got to think about what it takes to stop a vehicle of that size. how many feet per second you're really traveling at 60 mph, which is about 90 feet every second."mueller said wet or snow-covered roads make the situation worse and said brake- checks and other dangerous maneuvers are happening more often. john mueller, driving "i realize they may be slower or they may be heavier, but unfortunately it happens a lot due to distractions. people are in a hurry. it's a daily occurrence." sgt. luke newman, wisconsin state patrol "people realize they get frustrated. there's a little bit of road rage going on. they think i'm going to show this guy and hit their brakes in front of them. that is a very bad idea.".truck driving instructors said they have to train drivers to compensate for others' actions. they say it's not just a matter of the safety of the truck driver and the driver who cut them off, but all other
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"when a truck goes into a jackknife, the trailer will come around the cab of the tractor and obviously will take up a huge amount of space. it will go into multiple lanes and eventually off of the road so there will be no space for others." --tag-- officials with the wisconsin state patrol say drivers will be cited if they are caught "brake checking" another driver. -----end-----cnn.script----- --keywo the wisconsin state patrol say drivers will be cited if they are caught "brake checking" another driver. a perfect fall day - will we have a repeat tomorrow? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. fun.. real spiders are not.. why pest problems are on the uptick.. from haiti to hales corners. how people here are helping people battered by hurricane matthew.
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tonight at ten - do you know how much your car is worth? this guy thought he did...until his car was in an accident. i
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everything....and the reason the kelly blue book value may be way off. a contact 6 report, tonight at ten. adlib to wx weather partly cloudy tonight as the wind shifts around to the northwest with a
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lows in the low-to-mid 40s. mostly sunny and cooler on monday with a high in the middle 50s. rain chances return tuesday and especially wednesday, where we could pick up over 0.50" to
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the upper 40s to low 50s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 43 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 54 wind: n 5-10 mph tuesday: for showers. am low: 37 high: 52 wind: e 5-10 mph wednesday:cloudy and windy with rain likely. am low: 46 high: 49
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am low: 45 high: 54 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for showers. breezy. am low: 44 high: 60 wind: sw 10-20 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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perfect fall weather - no packer game - and halloween right around the corner - it was the perfect recipe for folks at swan's pumpkin farm in franksville. there were pony rides - caramel apples.. and of course
9:52 pm
shopping to buying a christmas tree - so everybody has their perfect pumpkin an the picture of that in their mind and s it's just a matter of looking over the thousands of pumpkins here ion the yard and finding that perfect shape and size. swan's pumpkin in franksville is open daily 9am to 7pm through halloween. a heads up to pet owners in whitefish bay... police tell yard friday night. they say the dog was outside...unattended. the owner spotted the coyotes carrying it off. he chased them and the coyotes dropped the dog but sadly the dog did not survive its injuries. police say this was the first coyote attack of this kind in the community.. and that younger coyotes tend to wander around more this time of year. creepy crawlers and critters are trying to get into your home but there are ways to stop it. fox 6s
9:53 pm
troublesome this time of year. spiders and creatures adorn homes for fall decorations...homeo wners want the spooky stuff outside...not in. we always see a spike of activity david kusnierek , district manager at batzner pest control is busy making house calls this time of the year. seasonal insects like your box elder bugs, cluster flies and asian lady beetles. when the weahe that they migrate to homes and try to crawl in all the cracks and crevices the fluctuating autumn weather is to blame. so prevention education is key and being reinforced over the next 7 days for rodent awareness week. this is the time of year when rodents try to get into the home. we want to make people really aware before the weather gets cold to go out there on these nice warm days and seal up your home its recommended that you inspect your home at least once a year look for gaps in window sills and make
9:54 pm
a small opening just a 1/4 inch can lead to major problems. if you look at a number 2 pencil that the size they need to get into a building. if they can get their head in there their body follows right in so it doesnt take much older homes that shift and settle can be a concern along with area where services come into the house. lines, gas pipes water lines those are pretty common areas where rodents can sneak in, something underneath the siding there is a gap by performi or having pest control do a survey will ensure critters remain outside in nature. in franklin, derica williams fox 6 news. pest experts also say should keep firewood away from your home, because some wood may have carpenter ants. they are a type of destroying insect. for more tips -- or to access batzner's "pest library" for help identifying and removing pests -- head to the links
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mobile app. bowling for a good cause today.. people came to "lucky lanes" on 50th and howard to help raise money for 2- year-old jaxson klingbeil. jaxson has had health problems since he was born. currently, he is sleeping in a regular crib, but his mom says ne now needs something safer.. he wears a ventilator at night - he is continuously tube fed through the night so we need a spcail bed the little ninja can't climb out of.. for jaxson is just under 17-thousand dollars - and insurance wont pay for it. at last check today, they raised 27- hundred dollars. there is a gofundme page set up as well - we have a link on our website - at least 7 people are dead and 30 others injured ... after a truck and a tour bus crashed in california. authorities say the accident occurred on interstate-10 in the desert hot springs area. you can see the
9:56 pm
ladders to climb into the back of the bus to search for passengers. the bus was operated by usa holiday-- a los angeles-based tour company. it was not known yet what caused the accident. a washington d-c parent is fuming after her son was punched by an adult at school - and it was all caught on camera. you can see the man sock the 7-year-old in the stomach. the little boy slump's over in pain. he's ok now.. parent.. police are still investigating. a new hampshire teen is feared dead - after a powerful storm hammered the northeast this weekend. police say 16-year-old - jacob goo-lay goulet was reported missing saturday morning when he didn't return home from a friend's house during the heavy storm. police say he may have been swept into a large storm drain. investigators are now searching area rivers as well as the entire underwater storm drain system for the teen. nearly three weeks after
9:57 pm
hard-hit city are still struggling. julie collins spoke to haitian priests who came to share their story with their sister church here in hales corners. a church thats doing all it can to rebuild after the devastation. in a remote southwestern corner of haiti, no one was spared. gone are the agricultural fields that provided a livelihood for small farmers. many areas inaccessible -- 'because the cars, transportation by possible. corners, julie collins. fox 6
9:58 pm
to the people in haiti - in fact some of the money is used to hire the haitians to rebuild their city.
9:59 pm
terrifying night for a milwaukee family. this 15-month-old boy was abducted in a car theft. police quickly issued an amber alert. tonight we are happy to report it worked. taratino carter has been found safe. it all started at the a & s gas station ali o'clock. that's on milwaukee's northwest side near 60th and good hope. and that's where we find our brittany shannon. she joins us now live with the latest on this investigation. police and family members relieved tonight. thanks to an alert citizen one year old tarantino carter is safe and sound.
10:00 pm
hope road just before 6 this evening. police tell us his mother left the car running and went inside the gas station. that's when the suspect jumped in her car. the young boy was inside when he took off in it. the car and young child were found in the area of 37th and silver spring around 830... the amber alert really helped us out in this situation. citizen went out and noticed the car was parked in an unusual manner and was still running and lights were on and proceeded to my heart goes out to the milwaukee police department with a lot of gratitude at this point bc this could have ended in a completely different way the grandmother telling us she couldnt wait to hold little tarantino in her arms. police say they have not located the suspects at this point but have some leads. and they're reminding drivers not to leave their cars


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